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December 14, 2017


Managing Design Professional's Risk in Design and Construction of Property Line Building Structures

Presented by:
Kriton A. Pantelidis, PE
Senior Associate


Thomas S. Tripodianos, PE
Welby, Brady, & Greenblatt, LLP
11 Maritime Ave.
White Plains, NY 10606

Synopsis: Along with the excitement, energy, and opportunity offered by a vibrant city setting comes unique challenges to developers of urban building projects. One of the most potentially perilous of these is the need to build near to, just inches away from, and sometimes up against existing neighboring structures. Design professionals involved in such projects face special risks that can bring a project to an untimely end if not properly managed. This program will discuss the special risks that architects and engineers face in connection with the design and construction of property line building projects and will also discuss how design professionals can protect themselves from a professional perspective prior to, during, and after construction.

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Paul Anthony Roppa, P.E.
Chairman - Forensic Engineering Technical Group
ASCE Metropolitan Section
roppap@ddc.nyc.gov 215-200-7684

James S. Cohen, P.E.
Co-Chairman - Forensic Engineering Technical Group
ASCE Metropolitan Section