05/31/2023 The Prompt Payment Act; Fact vs. Myth 04/19/2023 New York's Marijuana Legalization Law, What Every Employer Needs to Know 03/15/2023 Brooklyn Law School Alumni Dinner 2023 03/14/2023 NYBC Construction Industry Breakfast 03/14/2023 PWC-CT Young Professionals and Networking Night 03/10/2023 The Friendly Sons 67th Annual Society Dinner 03/09/2023 New York Build 2023 Expo 03/09/2023 NESCA Membership 03/08/2023 10 Common Questions Subcontractors Have (and the answers you need to have handy) 03/08/2023 New York Build 2023 Expo 03/08/2023 Westchester Women's Bar Association Event 03/01/2023 CFMA NYC Young Professional Mixer 02/28/2023 NAWIC Capital District meeting and lecture entitled "Optimizing Your Social Media Presence" 02/28/2023 Friends of St. Dominic's Annual Networking Event 02/16/2023 Anchin's 17th Annual State of the Construction Industry Event 02/16/2023 Professional Women in Construction -PANYNY Major Capital Projects 2023 & Beyond 02/09/2023 NESCA Capital District's Construction Industry Mixer 02/02/2023 New York Building Congress Annual Membership Meeting and Construction Industry Luncheon 01/25/2023 Payment Tools Available to Contractors 12/14/2022 Subcontractor Default Insurance - What You Need to Know 06/29/2022 New York's Marijuana Legalization Law, What Every Employer Needs to Know 06/22/2022 Changes to AIA Contract Documents: What Construction Lawyers Need to Know 06/09/2022 The 2022 AAA Construction Conference 04/20/2022 New York's Marijuana Legalization Law, What Every Employer Needs to Know 01/26/2022 Subcontracting Work, Subcontracting Risk (How to Flow Down Your Obligations Under a Subcontract) 12/29/2021 Constructive Conversations With The Building & Realty Institute (BRI) 12/15/2021 Construction Industry Wage Theft Act 12/08/2021 Holiday Party 11/10/2021 Compliance with Contractual and Statutory Notice Provisions (When in Doubt, Send Paper Out) 11/04/2021 AI, Robots, Smart Sensors: Transformative Technology Driving a Safer and more Efficient Construction Industry 10/26/2021 NYS HERO Act And It's Impact On Your Business 10/19/2021 NYC CFMA Oktoberfest 09/22/2021 10 Common Questions Subcontractors Have (and the answers you need to have handy) 06/15/2021 The "7" Year Switch - Highlights of the 2017 Revisions to the Standard AIA Documents 03/09/2021 Killer Contract Clauses - "Contingent Payment Provisions" and "Contract Termination Provisions" 01/26/2021 AGC's 2021 Construction Risk Management Two-Part Program 01/14/2021 Insurance. Think You're Covered? Guess Again! 06/24/2020 Reopening Construction Sites and Businesses
What does "Phase One" mean for My Business?
What comes after?
09/13/2019 SPORTING CLAYS SHOOT TO SUPPORT HABITAT FOR HUMANITY 06/19/2019 The Impact of Failing to Follow Contractual Formalities 05/29/2019 Strategies for Project Completion after Termination of a Downstream Contractor 05/08/2019 A Comparative Discussion: Pitfalls and Prospects for your Tri-State Construction Project 04/17/2019 Top 10 Issues in Contracting and Subcontracting 03/27/2019 Should I Contest My OSHA Citation? 03/06/2019 How to Protect Yourself from an Agency Giving You an "Unsatisfactory" Rating 02/13/2019 Will Certification as a Women or Minority Business Enterprise Help My Company to Prosper in this Major Construction Boom? 01/23/2019 Vacating And Enforcing Arbitration Awards Under The Federal Arbitration Act 01/09/2019 Payment Tools 12/12/2018 Why Contractors Fail And How To Avoid These Pitfalls 11/28/2018 What You Need to Know Anout Prevailing Wage Rules Under the New 421-a Program 11/07/2018 The Use of Liquidating Agreements to Bridge the Privity Gap 10/18/2018 Drill into the Contractor of Tomorrow 10/17/2018 Arranged Marriages: Teaming Agreements and Joint Ventures 10/05/2018 SPORTING CLAYS FOR SHOOT to support FRIENDS OF ST. DOMINIC'S 09/27/2018 BACK 2 BUSINESS 09/26/2018 Preserving Rights and Insurance Coverage in the Event of a Construction Defect or Accident 06/13/2018 Technology in Construction; Droning on about Drones 06/06/2018 A Discussion of Bid, Payment and Performance Bonds and Non-Standard Provisions 05/16/2018 The Prompt Payment Act; Fact vs. Myth 05/02/2018 Mega Projects and the Need for Alternate Delivery Mechanisms; Public Private Partnerships and Design Build in NY 04/18/2018 Delay Damages and the No Damages for Delay Clause 04/04/2018 Insurance Coverage of Construction Disputes 03/28/2018 Tax Reform - Making Sense of It All 03/21/2018 Handling the Impact of the Proposed Steel and Aluminum Tariffs. 02/28/2018 Compliance with Contractual and Statutory Notice Provisions: When in Doubt, Send Paper Out! 02/21/2018 ASCE PDH Lecture 02/15/2018 4th Annual Construction & Development Forum 12/20/2017 NEW YORK CITY'S CONSTRUCTION SAFETY TRAINING LAW 12/14/2017 Managing Design Professional's Risk in Design and Construction of Property Line Building Structures 11/29/2017 THE SCAFFOLD LAW AND THEN SOME 11/08/2017 Ethics PDH Lecture 10/25/2017 INDEMNIFICATION - PASSING RISK DOWNSTREAM 09/27/2017 THE 7 YEAR SWITCH - HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 2017 REVISIONS TO THE STANDARD AIA DOCUMENTS 06/27/2017 CFMA NYC Chapter Roundtable Meeting "BEST PRACTICES: MANAGING AND MITIGATING SUBCONTRACTOR DEFAULT" 06/22/2017 2017 AAA Construction Conference 06/22/2017 Risks of Property Line Construction for Design Professionals 06/21/2017 EXPLORING THE AIA DESIGN BUILD CONTRACT 06/21/2017 REDUCING ENGINEERING LIABILITIES 05/24/2017 FAIR LABOR STANDARDS 04/19/2017 THE PROMPT PAYMENT ACT - A REFRESHER 04/06/2017 Subcontractor Default Insurance - What You Need to Know 03/22/2017 TEN IMPORTANT ISSUES IN SUBCONTRACTING 02/15/2017 Think You're Covered? Guess Again! Insurance Coverage for Construction Projects 02/09/2017 Anchin Construction & Development Forum to Feature WBG, LLP Partners 11/16/2016 WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW TO AVOID CALLING YOUR LAWYER LATER (AND OTHERWISE GET PAID) 11/10/2016 Gregory J. Spaun joins the NESCA's "Ask the Attorneys" Panel 11/09/2016 Navigating the Labyrinth for Small and Mid-Size Contractors 11/03/2016 Subcontractor Default Insurance - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 10/19/2016 Subcontractor Default Insurance - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 09/21/2016 FEDERAL CONTRACTS DISPUTE RESOLUTION 05/18/2016 KILLER SUBCONTRACTS - From the Subcontractor's Perspective 04/13/2016 MORTGAGES It's Not Just About Interest Rates, What Borrowers Need To Know 02/10/2016 CONSTRUCTION MEDIATION BEYOND THE BASICS BY AN AAA MASTER MEDIATOR 01/13/2016 Gregory J. Spaun Speaking to the NYC Small Business Services - Industrial and Transportation Division 01/06/2016 ISSUES FACED BY JOINT VENTURES 12/09/2015 ELECTRONIC DISCOVERY IS HERE
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